Do you know how lucky you are to have a school library?

       School Librarians have been marching on Parliament this week to voice their concerns that school libraries and having a librarian aren’t required in all schools. The march through London and lobbying of MPs on Monday 29th October shows how these normally quiet and unruffled professionals feel about our education system. The Guardian ran a really good piece on the issue:

Currently it’s up to Head Teachers to decide whether to have a school library or not, unless the school offers IB where it is a requirement. How would you feel if you lost your school library in the cuts?

Frank Cottrell Boyce scoops Guardian Children’s Prize for Fiction

  Two refugee brothers from Mongolia are determined to fit in with their Liverpool schoolmates, but bring so much of Mongolia to Bootle that their new friend and guide, Julie, is hard-pressed to know truth from fantasy as she recollects a wonderful friendship that was abruptly ended when Chingis and his family were forced to return to Mongolia

Frank Cotrell Boyce must have the magic touch. He seems to win so many prizes!


Reading increases intelligence: but we knew that!

A wonderful blog post from Joe Craig of the Jimmy Coates stories fame.

Reading a book is a direct injection of inspiration. Reading shapes brilliant minds. It gets your brain throbbing and your heart racing.
It can bring you a thousand years of experience in a few pages. Reading means bigger laughs, deeper feelings and a peek at the secrets of life.
We understand the world through stories. What we read makes people make sense.


Do you agree?